AbMat SilverAt Custom Product Innovations we manufacture in-house every AbMat® unit sold. We provide manufacturing and assembly of this product as well as custom options tailored to brands, gyms, and individuals.

The “Original” AbMat® is an abdominal exerciser and core trainer designed for athletes that desire an all-inclusive abdominal muscle group workout. Offering a variety of exercises that isolate the upper and/or lower abs, as well as the obliques and lower back muscles.  Contoured to your lower back to provide support and injury prevention with an emphasis on comfort. It is designed to provide a full range of motion with every repetition and give you spinal alignment and support.

AbMat StackThe AbMat® is available in multiple variations; Silver, Gold, Pro Silver, Pro gold, and the Junior.




Left Accessories StackAbMat® wraps – This product fits over the AbMat® giving added support while you’re doing your workout. The flap allows your buttocks and tailbone have more cushion and ultimately helps keep your AbMat® in place during repetitions.


Custom LabelsPrivate Label EquipmentBenches 5-11-15Contact us directly to inquire about our private label, fully customizable line of Bench Tops, Plyobox Covers, Sand Bags, Tactical Pouches and much more!

KM_CPI_CS8A3958The AbMat is made in America. To learn more visit our website at www.AbMat.com