The Heavyweight® Scrub Brush

Heavyweight SetThe Heavyweight® scrub brush is a sixteen pound weighted scrub brush that allows the user to simply push and pull the brush instead of using their back to produce the force needed to effectively scrub the floor. Being named “The only brush with built-in elbow grease” means just that, you no longer have to rely the right person to give the effort needed to actually clean a floor. The weighted head produces its own “elbow grease” allowing anyone to accomplish the task at hand of actually cleaning the floor.

When scrubbing any floor surface, The Heavyweight® scrub brush has been tested and proven to be the answer. Stop using tools that are not only ineffective, out dated and hard to use and replace them with the tools designed for the task. With three different brushes for every inch of the floor The Heavyweight® Solution is a must have in maintaining a clean, safe environment for your customers and employees.  For more information, visit